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FiDive Team

Talented, adventurous, and passionate about the ocean would perfectly conclude our co-op team members!

Tomo Fang

Tomo Fang

Co-op UW Photographer

FiDive Co-op Lifeguard

Danny Kuo

Co-op Lifeguard

Joe Lin - FiDive

Joe Lin

Physical Education & Sport Event Advisor

Mo Huang - FiDive

Mo Huang

Co-op Leave No Trace (LNT) Advisor

Sam Huang - FiDive

Sam Huang

Co-op Event Photographer

Jenny Tsai

PR Advisor

About the Founder

The founder of FiDive, Felicia Tseng (a.k.a Fifi Tseng), is a Taiwanese Freediver who has been in part of this inner space for over 3 years while being as an experienced PR consultant in High Tech and Island Tourism. She is currently focusing on entrepreneurship in global sustainability and aims to create business model out of Green as well as freediving.


Fifi kicked off her journey of Freediving in 2017. During a vacation in Palawan, the Philipines, she was amazed by a local boatman who dived down to 20+ meters deep water bringing back a pristine shell to show her the beauty of the island — this man dived merely with a diving mask and a single fin made of iron. She was highly inspired by this approach to get closer to the big blue that she always falls for and therefore became an active, certified freediver. Her ultimate dream is to freedive in the Great Blue Hole (GBH) in Belize, to the bottom.

The GBH in Belize is 124 meters (407 feet) deep while Fifi is a fun diver with her best performance at 31 meters (102 feet). This means 93 more meters (305 feet) to work on. So, at the very beginning, she launched the website FiDive to Be Free to record her path to Belize GBH’s bottom and to invite her followers to assist her in achieving her GBH dream.

With more efforts and engagement devoted to freediving, Fifi realized that she could make the best use of her professional skills to create an innovative freediving info-integrated platform so as to provide solutions for other freedivers who may encounter the same issues as she did. In 2020, Fifi transformed her personal blog into an official service website, offering various information, suggestions, cooperation, and solutions for freedivers around the world.

Prior to the establishment of FiDive, Fifi had been an education magazine editor in the renowned Ivy League Analytical English Group and later a tech & tourism PR consultant for prestigious brands including Microsoft Taiwan, Synopsys Taiwan, and Guam Visitors Bureau Taiwan Office. Fifi is a graduate of National Taiwan Normal University with a Bachelor's degree in Geography and is pursuing a Master's degree in Global Sustainability at University of South Florida.

Felicia Tseng - Founder of FiDive
Felicia Tseng

A fun fact to tell is that while being as an editor, her frequent voices to propose ocean-related articles during monthly editorial meetings often brought her troubles but she had never compromised. She quit her editor job after the visit to Palawan and first acquired freediving skills at Kenting, Taiwan in 2017.

Fifi’s Freediving Performace History

  • 2017 JUN | Obtained SSI Level 1 Certificate
  • 2018 FEB | STA 04’32″
  • 2018 DEC | DYN 72 m
  • 2019 MAR | Obtained AIDA 2 Star Certificate
  • 2019 MAY | CWT 29.8 m
  • 2019 DEC | Obtained AIDA 3 Star Certificate
  • 2020 JUN | FIM 31.3 m
Felicia Tseng FiDive Founder
Felicia Tseng — Founder of FiDive

Fifi's Freediving FINprint

  • 2017 JUN | Kenting, Taiwan
  • 2017 JUL | Koh Yao Yai, Thailand
  • 2018 APR | Palau
  • 2018 JUN | Orchid Island, Taiwan
  • 2018 OCT | Green Island, Taiwan
  • 2018 DEC | Kenting, Taiwan
  • 2019 FEB | Bali, Indonesia
  • 2019 APR | Mafushi, Maldives
  • 2019 MAY | Moalboal, the Philippines
  • 2019 JUN | Orchid Island, Taiwan
  • 2019 JUN | Penghu, Taiwan
  • 2019 JUL | Saipan, North Mariana Islands
  • 2019 SEP | Gili Islands, Indonesia
  • 2019 NOV | Divecube Hotel, Taichung
  • 2019 DEC | Liuqiu Island, Taiwan
  • 2020 MAY | Liuqiu Island, Taiwan
  • 2020 JUN | Kenting, Taiwan
  • 2020 AUG | Tampa, Florida, USA (Pending due to COVID-19)
  • 2020 DEC | Liuqiu Island, Taiwan
  • 2020 DEC | Kenting, Taiwan
  • 2021 AUG | South Penghu Marine National Park, Taiwan
  • 2021 SEP | Orchid Island, Taiwan
  • 2022 APR | Kenting, Taiwan
  • 2022 JUN | South Penghu Marine National Park, Taiwan
  • 2022 JUL | Orchid Island, Taiwan
  • 2023 JUN | Kenting, Taiwan
  • 2023 AUG | Mikura Island, Japan
  • 2024 MAY | Liuqiu Island, Taiwan