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A Combination of Beach Cleanup & the Professional Practice of Speech-Language Pathology 

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Ocean Therapy is a relatively new but internationally recognized natural form of therapy. It first serves as an alternative treatment that uses ocean and water sports as a medium to better the lives of those who live with neurological as well as physical disabilities and conditions. For example, surfing and other ocean-related activities such as kayaking are applied to treat various types of physical and mental injuries. 

According to Emily D. Clapham, an Associate Professor at the University of Rhodes Island centering on ocean therapy for children with disabilities, there aren’t many activities for children with disabilities, and one of her priorities is to change that by inventing new adaptive physical education programs. 

Various groups have used surfing to assist in addiction recovery, as well as the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injury, and even to assist the physical and psychological recovery from amputations. (Osborn, Samuel Williams, 2011, Abstract)

Ocean Therapy is known as Surf Therapy as it has come to be known was started by Jimmy Miller Memorial Foundation (JMMF), a California-based organization also adapts surfing program to assist individuals coping with mental, emotional, and physical illness by accessing the ocean environment. The initial idea for a therapeutic surfing program came from the Ocean Therapy Consultant Dr. Carly Rogers’ personal experience working with children with special needs at the beach as an ocean safety instructor. 

Inspired by these amazing professionals and ocean lovers, FiDive would like to promote and implement ocean therapy programs by cooperating with the founder of Baby Speaks Loud, Cathy Chiang, a Speech-Language Pathologist and passionate freediver, to create an ocean-based SLP program for kids in need in Taiwan. 

Since freediving is riskier to young kids and most of the existing freediving schools have age restrictions on participants, the cooperation program is adapted into Beach Cleanup for SLP to make the execution more viable and to add the value of sustainability into the initiative. 

Sustainability in Our Approach

Sustainability in Our Approach

FiDive x Baby Speaks Loud SLP Program

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