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Have you been dreaming about swimming inside the ocean, where you are free from breathing and are somehow equipped with the ability to move wherever you’d like to swim to? For many living in urbans for their entire lives, it may remain as beautiful, unreachable dream. However, it was a destiny that the founder of FiDive came across a Filipino boatman who visualized that unreachable dream in front of her face. It had left a heart-shaking scene in her mind, and the thrill of finding a new world had led her to pick up everything about freediving immediately. To her, freediving is simply an approach in order to get closer to the wild blue. Nevertheless, it is far from enough to fulfill herself with the basic understandings and practices of freediving. Challenges popped up and she experienced many of those pain points that are also experienced by others. To a certain point, she realized that with her own profession and insights on the situations, she may be able to provide solutions not only to herself, but also to the people in need.

A blueprint for a solution platform has then created and developed based on the ideal to combine the ocean and daily business. She transformed her personal blog into a business website, establishing the platform named as FiDive and integrating information in freediving as well as spearfishing on the web. For many urban dwellers, ocean would be a distant, irrelevant existence, and that is the very reason prompting her to connect it with business industry so that could make a more direct link under the influence of economy. As a certified freediver with multiple roles such as editor, dancer, PR consultant, and geographer, she regards environmental sustainability as the key entry point for this combination.

Since then, FiDive is not just a solution platform for diving communities, but also would serve as a consulting platform for both green tech innovations and enterprises that eager to transform themselves as a sustainable business. The journey of FiDive is ongoing and if you are one of those who had ocean dreams, you are very welcomed to join FiDive as a FiDiver, a partner, or whatever you’d like to be. FiDive set no limits on the possibilities that you and us can make.

Overview of FiDive

FiDive was first established as a freediving blog in 2019, and later the service scope of the website was expanded in 2020. Due to the expansion, the website was then positioned as a solution platform for freedivers and spearos worldwide. Since then, FiDive has been offering a wide range of services in freediving and spearfishing, including buddy matching, online consulting, advices on customized destination, and many other integrated information regarding skills, equipment, helpful yoga, diaphragm stretching, injury prevention, etc.

Except for the underwater world, FiDive is also committing itself in global sustainability. With the insights in Green Tech and PR operation, FiDive is a matching platform between sustainable innovations and enterprises that cares about the environmental issues and aims to build up a green image toward the public. Currently , FiDive is looking for partners to develop green projects together. If interested, please contact at bices@fidive.com (What does BICES stand for? Please visit FiDive Missions for detailed information.)

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What Our Partners Have to Say

I am glad to have the chance to cooperate with FiDive in this year’s Halloween event, which was a tremendous success. A large part of the reason for that goes to effective communications for the pubic. I think FiDive serves well as a matching platform for both B2B and B2C communications, and I am looking forwards to our future success together.
FiDive's Partner
Lily Shen, the Founder of OneBreath
From Taipei, Taiwan