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Spearfishing is a method of fishing through freediving. It is eco-friendly and aligns with the spirit of sustainability. 
FiDive integrates all you have to know about spearfishing into four categories, visit each session to find the information you need. FiDive also offers spearfishing scenarios based on real experiences for your reference. You may see what are so-called spearfishing activities in different areas and cultures with spearfishing 101.

Warning: The spearfishing activities are built upon freediving. Most spearfishers spear fish alone. Do not try spearfishing without a proper training and fine freediving skills. Never spearfishing with tanks.

History & Briefing

In the past, the ocean plays an even far more critical role to certain ancient groups for a pragmatic reason, to feed their empty stomach with marine creatures. To better foraging in the ocean for larger, faster preys, the early prototype of a spear pole was then developed, opening a new chapter in the history of human fishing—the activity of spearfishing began.

FiDive Spearfishing History & Briefing

Equipment & Tools

Spearfishing is a simple but also complicated activity. You will be able to spearfish with nothing but a sharped pole by swimming, and you also can do spearfishing by equipping with a powerful speargun along with many helpful widgets.

Techniques & Fish

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FiDive Spearfishing Techniques & Fish
FiDive Spearfishing Permit & Regulations

Permit & Regulations

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