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It's Time to Optimize Your Freediving Experience

Find your diving buddy via FiDive!
Never get worried about diving alone in your next vacation.

Buddy Match Platform

Find your diving buddy via FiDive! Never get worried about diving alone in your next vacation.

FiDive Buddy Match Platform
Destination Advice

FiDive offers tips on self-arranged Freediving trips for your based on FiDive experience!

FiDive Freediving Destination Advice
Online Consulting

Find experienced freediving instructors from various diving systems for your free online consulting services.

Make the World Greener

We value ocean sustainability and we hold irregular events to let you involve in this green movement.

Sustainability why us

Our Review

Depth Limit Challenge

Depth Limit Challenge

“The design is low visibility friendly. The day we escort the freediver happened to encounter strong currents so that the visibility was actually around 5 meters. FiDive’s safety wear allowed us to locate each other with ease in such situation.”

Depth Limit Challenge


“I was challenging a depth at -70 meters, and my sponsor offered me a brand new wetsuit that day. I had a bit trouble wearing it and a FiDive’s safety came to help me with it. The t-shirt is easy to recognize and that made me find the right support at no time.”

Depth Limit Challenge

Fun Dive Event

Fun Dive Event

“A couple underwater modeling friends of mine went to fun dive and had some photo shooting. I was invited to escort them on that day. They commented that this t-shirt is good-looking and easy to notice, and they are considering book some for future escorting!”

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