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Learning Freedivng Equipment

Learn the name for the equipment you are looking for!

Top 11 Essential Equipment

FiDive integrates the most essential equipment for freedivers in the table below.

Generally, you need—
-Item *1-3 to practice a basic freedive (excluding no fin or using a nose clip)
-Item *4-6 to practice an advanced freedive
-Item *7-11 to practice a safe freedive

No Item Function Type Average Price Suppliers
1 Low Volume Diving Mask To allow you to see underwater,
save the precious air,
and make your equalization more efficient
Plastic Glass
Tempered Glass
USD40-800 Check
  *   *   *
2 Foldable Snorkel To allow you to breath at ease with the tube
while facing down to the water,
and make it easier to attach to your head
USD10-30 Check
  *   *   *
3 Long Fins To allow you to dive efficiently by offering
you a strong pushing force
and kick against strong currents if necessary
USD35-1000 Check
  *   *   *


Freediving Wet Suit

To keep you warm in the water,
keep you save from being stung by jellyfish,
and being cut by shark rocks

Yamamoto Nylon
Smooth Skin
Nylon / Open Cell
USD35-1000 Check
  *   *   *
5 Weights & Weight Belt
(Neck Weight)
To neutralize your buoyancy,
and decrease the difficulty of diving down
caused by your wet suit buoyancy
Lead Outside
Plastic Outside (Eco-friendly)
Belt: Rubber/Silicon
USD30-100 Check
  *   *   *
6 Dive Computer To warm you your diving depth,
record your surface time,
and archive your diving performance in logs
Any Dive Mode
Freedive Mode Only
USD150-2000 Check
  *   *   *
7 Dive Gloves To keep your hands warm,
protect your hands from being cut by rocks,
and increase friction so as to climb the rope
Common Dive Gloves
Usual 3M Gloves
USD3-50 Check
  *   *   *
8 Dive Socks To keep your feet warm,
protect your feet from getting blisters and
ensuring you get a perfect fit from your fins
Common Dive Socks
Usual Socks
USD7-50 Check
  *   *   *
9 Safety Lanyard To lock you with the guide rope so you won’t
get loss when diving in great depth and won’t
be taken away by strong currents
Wrist Lanyard
Waist Lanyard
USD40-150 Check
  *   *   *
10 Dive Knife To cut off fishing nets, weeds, or other things
that trap you especially being underwater,
and for self defense to fight against danger
Stainless Steel
USD15-200 Check
  *   *   *
11 Buoy, Guide Rope & D Rings To allow you to practice a proper training
under a safe condition and allow
speedboats to identify your location
Foldable One Piece (Plastic Ring)
Tire Ring
USD100-300 Check
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