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Top 6 Deep Diving Pools in the World

We all love the blue ocean and we love being with those amazing marine creatures, but it is not the only choice we have to enjoy the underwater tranquility. Pool diving, nonetheless, could be as fascinating as well. It is more reachable for some city dwellers and it offers a stable environment for divers all year around. Of course, we are not talking about the usual pool in your neighborhood. Here, FiDive is introducing you some of the deepest pools for diving in the world!

taiwan, flag, republic of china

-21M (69ft) Divecube Hotel

Taichung City, Taiwan

south, korea, flag

-26M (85ft) K-26

Gapyeong City, South Korea

belgium, flag, national flag

-34M (113ft) Nemo 33

Brussels, Belgium

italy, flag, national flag

-42M (138ft) Y-40 The Deep Joy

Hotel Terme Millepini, Italy

fabric, texture, textile

-45M (148ft) Deepspot

Mszczonów, Poland

Divecube Hotel

Divecube Hotel is the first  diving pool hotel in Asia and had been the deepest indoor pool in the region from 2017 to 2018. For more information, please visit FiDive’s article: The Once Deepest Indoor Pool in Asia: DIVECUBE HOTEL

Image Source from FiDive’s Co-op Underwater Photographer Tomo Fang (Instagram: @snopy645)


The K-26 in South Korea has been Asia’s deepest diving pool since 2018, and freedivers can dive down to 26m / 85 feet deep.  For more info, please visit:

Image Source (#1) from
Image Source (#2-8) from South Korea’s AIDA Master instructor Jung WoonJin (Instagram: @easyfreediving)

Nemo 33

Nemo 33 had been the deepest indoor swimming pool in the world from 2004 to 2014. It provides a place for novices and veteran divers to learn and enjoy themselves in a clean and exciting environment. For more info, please visit:

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Y-40 The Deep Joy

Y-40 The Deep Joy is the deepest pool in the world with thermal water and had been the deepest diving pool from 2014-2020. It has been the ideal underwater space for professionals of wonder, commercial spots, photo shoots, video clips and television productions. For more info, please visit:

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Deepspot is a swimming pool and Scuba diving training center opened in 2020. It holds the record for being the deepest swimming pool in the world. Deepspot is designed as a practice and training site for divers with varying levels of experience who wish to develop additional diving skills. For more info, please visit:

Image Source from Deepspot (Instagram: @deepspotpoland)

Blue Abyss

Blue Abyss is a research pool planned for construction on the Wirral Peninsula, Merseyside in the United Kingdom. It will be 50 metres deep with volume of approximately 42,000 cubic metres, making it the world’s deepest pool upon its expected completion in 2021. For more info, please visit: