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As an extreme sport, freediving has been drawing people’s attention in the past decades, and there are more and more film productions about this unique sport. FiDive collects a list made of both movies and documentaries for you to enjoy.

TOP 6 Freediving Films




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The Big Blue
The Big Blue (2h48m)


A visionary epic of obsession and beauty about Jacques Mayol, the handsome diver who is so at home in the water that he seems only half-human. Jacques’ best friends are a family of playful porpoises and Enzo Molinari, his swaggering Italian diving rival. Jacques and Enzo grew up together in the Mediterranean, and remain lifelong friends despite a fierce battle for the top prize in the world free diving championships, where divers compete to see who can descend to the furthest depths of the sea with no equipment other than their own courage and determination. But when the dreamer Jacques falls in love with the beautiful Johanna, he finds himself torn between the damsel and the deep blue sea.


One Breath
One Breath (1h40m)


The film tells about the forty-year-old Marina Gordeeva, who suffers in an unhappy marriage, and even works where nothing brings pleasure. Despite possible ambitions, there are no pleasant prospects ahead and no rays of hope for real human happiness. But unexpectedly for herself, Marina suddenly discovers such a life-threatening form of water sports as freediving. Immersion in the underwater world, to face her with all her fear, turns for her into an opportunity to escape from reality and, holding her breath, plunge headlong into the pool of adrenaline, thoughts and new perspectives.


Dolphin Man
Dolphin Man (1h20m)


A documentary about the life-story and legacy of legendary freediver Jacques Mayol, who became the inspiration for Luc Besson’s cult-movie “The Big Blue”.



Pipin Ferreras and Umberto Pelizzari compete for the world record in freediving; also the physiological effects of free-diving. 


freediving film Into the Blue
Into the Blue (1h50m)


Jared and Sam stumble upon bags of cocaine inside a sunken plane while searching for treasures in the ocean. Their discovery invites the attention of a drug kingpin, who wants to steal it from them.


freediving film The Freediver
The Freediver (1h35m)


A young woman (Camilla Rutherford) begins training in Greece in preparation for her contest with the world’s female freediving champion.