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Helpful Techniques for Freediver

FiDive has integrated some of the most frequently-used freediving techniques for you and provides approaches to show you how to perform these techniques safely and efficiently.

Top 20 Techniques for Freediving

*The list below is in an alphabetical order

fidive freediving techniques

.Advanced Frenzel I & II
Anti-Lactic Acid
Bi-fin Kicking
.Breathing Skills
CO2 Table
Free Immersion
Frenzel (T,K,H)
Mono-fin Kicking
.Mouthfill & Refill
No Fin
O2 Table
Reverse Packing
Setting up a Buoy

There are many useful skills that FiDive would like to share with you. Our team is currently working on making demonstration videos and articles. We are very excited to present those works to you. Thank you for your understanding that the above links are temporary, and they are well selected so you may find some practical tips as well.

If you have any particular freediving skills that would like us to share, please contact at; just write to us what you would like to learn and our team will try our best to include it into the list. We also share some tips on social media from time to time. So don’t forget to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. We are grateful to your support!