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Freediving Yoga

Improve Your Lung Flexibility with FiDive‘s Freediving Yoga Selection!

Lung flexibility is critical for freedivers to cope with compression and depth. A good lung flexibility could prevent you from lung barotrauma (lung squeeze) and could even allow you to dive deeper with Frenzel equalization techniques. Yoga is a fine way to improve lung flexibility as well as core strength so as to improve freedivers’ balance skill and keep body in a streamline shape when training for depth.

FiDive picked several yoga poses that is helpful to increase the mentioned abilities. Come practicing freediving yoga with FiDIve‘s exclusive pose demonstrations!

Pose Demo

Mountain (Prayer Hands)

Mountain (Prayer Hands)


Warrior III

Warrior I Pose

Warrior I

Warrior I (Prayer Hands)

Warrior I (Prayer Hands)

Warrior II Pose

Warrior II

Downward-Facing Dog Pose

Downward-Facing Dog

Splits, Standing

Splits, Standing (Bent Knee)

Lord of the Fishes, Half

Lord of the Fishes, Half (Prayer Hands) Pose

Lord of the Fishes, Half (Prayer Hands)

Lord of the Fishes, Half (Hands Up) Pose

Lord of the Fishes, Half (Hands Up)

King Dancer

Wheel (Pointed Toes) Pose

Wheel (Pointed Toes)

Triangle, Revolved Pose

Triangle, Revolved


freediving yoga

Boat Pose

freediving yoga

Twisted Knee Pile Pose

freediving yoga

Shoulder Stand Pose

freediving yoga

Plow Pose

freediving yoga

High Cobra Pose

freediving yoga

Half Bow Pose

freediving yoga

Cow Pose

freediving yoga

Camel Pose

For Advanced Practitioners

Mermaid Pose

King Dancer Pose

Bow Pose


To Learn more Yoga poses, you may visit here.

Diaphragm Stretching

 You may also do a more intensive practice to increase the flexibility of your diaphragm and your rib cage by exhaling fully and then pulling up your diaphragm into your chest. It is strongly suggested to practice with an empty stomach.


Experienced Practitioner

The yoga and diaphragm stretching demonstrations are for daily practices, for warm-up right before your dives, please visit Warm-up Before Freediving: 12-Step FiDive Procedure.